Happy, fun-loving, and caring

Seth (9178)

First thing you notice when you meet Seth are his warmth and happiness. He makes friends easily! Everything makes him happy: just ask! For fun, Seth likes to lounge around and play some video games, do puzzles, and watch his favorite TV shows: SpongeBob and The Mandalorian. However, if you’re up for it, Seth would rather go for a bike ride, or shoot some hoops. His favorite dish is pizza, but don’t ask him to eat spinach. When he gets out of school, Seth thinks he would like to work with computers. Dogs are his favorite animal, and he likes pit bulls the best. He’s a natural leader, and those close to Seth know that he is incredibly caring.

Seth needs parents who can love him unconditionally. This family needs to have a great understanding of and experience in parenting special needs children. A family must be organized and provide clear expectations and routine for Seth. He would do well in a family where he has dedicated one-on-one time with his adoptive parent(s), and will work everyday to build a strong bond with him. A family that would be best for Seth would need to be sensitive to his needs on past trauma, and be willing to take the time to earn Seth’s trust, and see past any behaviors for the remarkable young man he is.

Perry County

Birthday: January 2006

Child ID: 9178

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