Enjoys photography and playing the violin

Selena (9004)

Selena is an outgoing and friendly young lady who loves the arts! She is very creative and artistic and she likes to spend her time drawing or taking photographs. She’s also a big fan of reading and is currently in a competition in school to see who can read the most! She enjoys being active and has played both basketball and volleyball for her school, activities she’d like to continue in the future. Selena isn’t a picky eater, but if you ask her for her favorite foods, she’ll tell you spaghetti and tacos! She’s an accomplished chef in her own right and may whip up some fancy dishes for you someday, or maybe even play you some music on her violin.

Selena would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent household and does well with children, the ideal home would have children her age or older. She does well with animals and wouldn’t mind a home that came with pets. She’ll thrive with monitoring, consistent rules and consequences, and a slow transition into a forever home. Stability, reliability, and support are important so families will need to be able to provide those consistently. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9004MN) St. Joseph County

St. Joseph County

Birthday: 8/7/03

Child ID: 9004

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