Playful guy who likes sensory activities

Sean (9157)

He is just so playful! Sean is a bright child who likes to know what to expect next. He can be a little shy, but if he really likes you, he’ll show you affection by resting his head against you. Sean enjoys sensory activities, especially soft items and anything with music. He also has a big appetite, and really enjoys candy and chips!

Routine is important for Sean. He needs “round the clock” care, and an adoptive family should make a lifelong commitment to him. An adoptive family will need to familiarize themselves with his diagnosis and treatments available for Sean, as they will need to advocate for him and be resourceful and knowledgeable regarding services available.

A family will need to be mindful when caring for Sean, and understand his needs, be patient with him, and meet Sean where he is. That said, Sean is an intelligent boy and parents should also be willing to try new things and push him out of his comfort zone.

Daviess County

Birthday: 2/22/06

Child ID: 9157

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