Quick-witted and curious

Sara (9151)

Sara is a delightful, outgoing girl with a quick wit and a lot of curiosity! She’s inquisitive about, well, everything, and wants to learn as much as she can. That learning pays off too — she’s been earning A’s and B’s in school! In many ways, Sara is a typical elementary school girl: she loves playing with Barbies, enjoys being creative, and especially delights in picking out cute clothes to wear! Sara has a wonderful ability to have a smile when you need one, to be a leader among her friends, and to keep exploring the wide world around her. Her complex medical needs require that a family be committed to her over time, especially as she begins the process for a lung transplant.

The home that would be best for Sara is a two-parent family that can provide her with plenty of support and stability. She does best when she is in a structured environment with clear and consistent expectations. She would do well with another child in the home, but because Sara has complex medical needs, parents will need to ensure that they are able to give her the attention that she needs to maintain her health.

It is important to Sara to keep a relationship with her sisters, who live out of state. Interested families should be able to help manage Sara’s medical concerns over time and should also understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Knox County

Birthday: November 2009

Child ID: 9151

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