Fashion-loving musician

Sadie (8958)
Sadie always likes to look her best! She likes fashion, and loves getting her hair and nails done and getting her makeup just right. She enjoys shopping and adores when she gets to go to the mall to shop and hangout! Sadie is a big artist and she’ll do just about anything as long as it’s crafty. She’s a talented musician who knows how to play the piano and would like to learn to play the violin someday. She likes getting to help out in the kitchen whether it’s full meals or baking some tasty desserts! Sadie is very active and has played both volleyball and softball before, she also enjoys when she gets to experience the great outdoors by hiking, swimming, camping, or even fishing!

Sadie would do best in a two-parent home or a one-parent home with support. She does well with other children and would prefer to have a forever family that came with some siblings. She loves animals so a family that has a dog would be ideal for Sadie. She will thrive with parents who can give her plenty of one-on-one attention and who practice open and honest communication. Families should be willing to make a commitment to any therapeutic needs Sadie may have throughout her life. She needs firm, consistent boundaries with supervision of electronics in the home. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (8958BD) Putnam County

Putnam County

Birthday: 5/6/03

Child ID: 8958

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