Two bright and friendly siblings

Russell and Kaylee (8661AB)

Russell is a very friendly boy with a lot of charisma. He is full of energy, and loves sports such as football, basketball and baseball. His favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Cubs. For fun, he enjoys playing video games such as Minecraft and Roblox, or watching cartoons on TV such as The Loud House and Sponge Bob. He is a well-mannered, honest, and caring boy!

Kaylee is a kind-hearted girl who is bright and inquisitive. Kaylee likes learning and that her favorite subjects are reading and art. Kaylee’s strengths are that she is very loving, caring and nurturing. She loves to play with her teddy bear “Cupcake” and with baby dolls. Kaylee also enjoys playing video games and watching TV. Her favorite cartoon is The Loud House, and her favorite movies are Moana and Trolls.

Kaylee and Russell would do best in a two-parent family, but would also do well in the home of a single mother. If they are placed with a single mother, efforts should be made to provide Russell with a strong, consistent male role model. They would do well with an active, patient family who is willing to give them the attention and affection they need. These two thrive on consistency, clear expectations, structure, and guidance. It is important that their adoptive family has an understanding of the possible effects of childhood trauma on children.

Lake County

Birthday: April 2009 & May 2010

Child ID: 8661AB

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