Budding geologist with a love of Shel Silverstein

Robert (8837)

Robert is a funny, candid guy! He describes himself as reliable, trustworthy, and nice. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would want to go to Florida or Hawaii to spend time at the beach. Robert enjoys books, and is reading a collection of poems by Shel Silverstein. Minecraft is his favorite video game. Robert has a rock collection and is interested in geology (although he will tell you his favorite subject is recess). When asked what’s his favorite thing about himself, Robert likes how smart he is. Those close to Robert know him to be a strong, caring individual who sticks up for his friends, and a friendly, respectful kid!

Robert thrives where there is stability, structure, and clear rules and expectations. He would do better as the youngest child in a family. It is important he has a family who understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. Robert hopes to have a nice family that will play video games, chess or checkers with him. 

Hamilton County

Birthday: April 2008

Child ID: 8837

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