A loyal friend and farm-animal-loving boy!

Robert (8677A)

Robert is affectionate once he gets to know people and always looks after the people he cares about! He’s a big hoops fan and loves playing basketball at home, the local park, or the nearest YMCA, wherever his friends are that’s where he wants to be! He enjoys anything that keeps him moving around so he’s also tried soccer which is his second favorite sport (after basketball of course!) and likes swimming or jumping on the trampoline.

When he has to stay inside, Robert likes reading or watching funny videos online, he can share lots of hilarious stuff with you! He has a bunch of Legos he likes to put together and uses his math knowledge to build massive buildings. Math is his favorite class in school and he would like to keep his studies up so once he graduates he can head out to the police academy to help his community.

Robert would do best in a two-parent home with at least one male figure, and would do well with children in the household who are at least a few years older and more independent so he gets plenty of attention. He thrives in structured environments where he knows what to expect day to day. Parents who make education a priority are ideal.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: October 2007

Child ID: 8677A

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