A loyal friend and farm-animal-loving boy!

Robert (8677A)

Robert, who sometimes goes by Bobby, is a sweet and friendly boy! He makes friends easily, and likes to make his peers laugh. He is a loyal friend. For fun, Robert enjoys playing soccer, and was on a team this year. He also likes board games, LEGOs, video games, and reading. When it is nice out, he enjoys swimming or riding his bike. Bobby likes animals and enjoys helping take care of the animals at his foster home. He likes cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, and dogs! He has experience in showing animals at the local 4-H Fair.

Robert would benefit from a two-parent family with a strong male role model. His family will need to be well-informed in parenting children who have experienced trauma. He would thrive in a family that is consistent, structured, and loving. 

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: October 2007

Child ID: 8677A

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