Excels at shot-put

Rikia (8843)

Rikia cares about and protects those she loves! One of the things she likes most about herself is that she always stands up for her friends. She’s a very artsy young lady, and likes to spend time making cool crafts or drawing. She’s also currently on the track & field team at school and loves it! She’s one of the strongest girls on the team and excels in both shot-put and discus.

A self-described “shopaholic,” Rikia’s perfect day would be heading to the mall with her friends and family to go shopping and spend time together. To really make it the perfect day, she might throw in a hip-hop dance party too! She’s hoping in the future to visit Rio de Janeiro — she would love to experience other cultures and see how they live. Still deciding on a future career, Rikia thinks right now, it’s between becoming an anesthesiologist or training police dogs! 

Rikia would do best in a family with a strong female role model. Rikia would like a home where she can receive one-on-one attention, so it would be best if she were the youngest or only child in the home. The adoptive family should be patient and understanding while also maintaining clear expectations, rules, and boundaries. Rikia thrives with consistency and routine, as that helps her feel secure. She would benefit from a family that spends quality time together. Parents will need to be patient with Rikia as she transitions into a new environment; she hopes that her new family will understand that this is a big life change, and that they won’t give up on her. Overall, Rikia will thrive in a family where she gets all the attention and love that she needs.

Allen County

Birthday: September 2005

Child ID: 8843

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