Loves hip-hop, singing, and gymnastics

Rikia (8843)

Rikia is happy and welcoming! She is talkative, and her smile brightens when she is excited. Rikia describes herself as nice, unique, and smart. For fun, Rikia plays on her tablet. She likes to play Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Geometry Dash, and other word games. She finds coloring relaxing, and enjoys adult flower coloring books with lots of detail. She also likes other arts and crafts. Rikia loves to dance and sing. Her favorite music is hip-hop. She wants to do cheer, dance, and gymnastics someday. Her favorite subject in school is radio & TV, where she learns to make videos in class. Rikia has never been to a theme park, so she wants to go to Cedar Pointe to ride roller coasters.

Rikia would do best in a family with a strong female role model. Rikia would like a home where she can receive one-on-one attention, so it would be best if she were the youngest or only child in the home. The adoptive family should be patient and understanding of Rikia. She would do well in a home where there are clear expectations, rules, and boundaries. Rikia thrives with consistency and routine. Rikia would benefit being with a family that spends quality time together. Overall, Rikia will thrive in a family where she gets all the attention and love that she needs. (8843MN) Allen County

Allen County

Birthday: September 2005

Child ID: 8843

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