Wants to be a track star and family to hang out with

Rayon (8868)
It’s pretty cool that Rayon says his favorite thing about himself is that he “catches on real quick.” One of the fun things he catches on quickly are learning new dance moves, and he also likes to rap.

Rayon is an active and energetic young man. He runs track, and has hopes to be a track star. But the sport that really gets Rayon excited is the basketball—especially the Los Angeles Lakers or the Golden State Warriors! When Rayon is not cheering for his favorite teams, you’ll find him enjoying a good book or completing his math homework.

Yes, that’s right—he loves homework—he might even love homework as much as he loves nachos! (And boy, does he love nachos!). But getting good grades on that homework will help him accomplish his goal to become a lawyer when he grows up.


Rayon describes himself as nice and helpful—and we agree! What others like most about him are his easygoing nature and his sense of humor. We would also add that he’s polite and genuinely enjoys spending time with others: he would love to have an adoptive home with two parents, siblings, and pets to hang out with.

Rayon needs a two-parent family that understands how trauma can affect a child. He would thrive being an only child or the youngest child in a family where he can receive a great deal of attention. It is important that the family spends quality time together. Rayon will do best with parents who can be patient, and provide a calm, predictable, safe home. He would do best in a family where his involvement in extracurricular activities is encouraged.

LaPorte County

Birthday: October 2005

Child ID: 8868

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