Upbeat, persistent, funny, and outspoken

Raeahna (9148)

Fun-loving, intelligent, and persistent — who wouldn’t want those adjectives to describe them? Raeahna, who prefers to go simply by Rae, is definitely all three of those! Throw in upbeat and articulate, and you’ve got quite an impressive teenager!

Rae is committed to doing her best in school, and it shows; she recently made the honor roll, earned a spot in some advanced classes, and achieved perfect attendance! This determined teen works hard! There’s not much Rae doesn’t enjoy — she’s got a strong artistic talent, can cheerlead with the best of them, and loves music…but what she really loves are animals, especially exotic ones!

She’s a go-with-the-flow kind of girl, and is as likely to be found camping as she is to be peering through a telescope looking for planets. Exploring and learning are top-notch activities for Rae, indoors or out…but she prefers out, since it’s awfully hard to hike (one of her favorite activities) indoors! 

On the prospect of being adopted, Rae is excited. As for her future family, she doesn’t have a preference of who they are — what’s important to Rae is what they stand for. She wants a family that is open-minded, understanding and supportive of her passions. And, she’d love to have a family that is active and as energetic as she is (bonus points if they like the outdoors!)

Rae would do well in either a single-parent or two-parent family. Her team feels that she would do well in a home with either younger or older children, but the ideal family should have experience parenting teens. Rae needs parents who have a healthy, stable relationship and can model good communication skills for Rae. Parents will need to be able to provide comfort and empathy, as well as consistent and appropriate discipline. Rae thrives when she feels secure and safe. She would like to maintain a relationship with some of her biological family members; adoptive parents should be able to understand this and encourage it when appropriate. Interested families should have an understanding of the impact trauma can have on children.

Jackson County

Birthday: October 2006

Child ID: 9148

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