A horse lover who is one of a kind

Piper (8603)

Piper is a happy and adventurous young lady! She enjoys playing video games like Star Fox and Zelda. Piper also collects Pokemon cards (her favorite Pokemon is Pikachu). Her favorite television shows are Scooby Doo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Piper loves animals, especially horses. She hopes to have adoptive parents who are “cool, awesome,” spoil her a little bit, and have game nights. People who are close to Piper describe her as “one of a kind,” funny, smart, and always on the go. Piper is curious, energetic, and enjoys spending time with people and making others laugh!

Piper would do best in a two-parent family or with a single mother. A family who is patient and maintains firm boundaries would be beneficial for Piper. She would do well with a family that is active and has a wonderful sense of humor. Piper would thrive with a family that has consistency and stability. Piper hopes to have parents who can help her be happy. Piper would do well in a family as an only child. (8603BD) Floyd County

Floyd County

Birthday: 3/10/04

Child ID: 8603

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