Looking for patient parents

Peyton (9205)

Peyton’s favorite thing about himself is that he’s funny: he even laughs at his own jokes! He’s also pretty proud of his natural athletic ability — though he admits it helps that he’s pretty tall. It’s okay if his adoptive parents aren’t as tall, or as funny, though: he’s got enough laughs and height for everyone! (He does want parents who like to laugh, but then again, who doesn’t?)

Friends and family are important to Peyton. He would love to have parents who are outdoorsy, active, and understanding. And he wants to make sure that prospective parents know that he’s smart, respectful, helpful, and an all-around good kid.


Peyton would do well in a single- or two-parent household, provided at least one of the parents is male. It would be best for Peyton to be the only child in the home, so that parents can provide him with ample support and guidance. He will thrive in a caring, resilient, stable family, with parents who can model appropriate social and interpersonal behavior as he grows into young adulthood.

Peyton responds positively to caregivers who can communicate effectively and calmly, and who are consistent in their expectations. Routine and structure are helpful for Peyton as well. Parents should be well-trained in trauma-informed care, and able to demonstrate patience as Peyton adjusts to a pre-adoptive home.

Whitley County

Birthday: March 2006

Child ID: 9205

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