Wants parents who are caring

Peyton (9205)

Peyton’s favorite thing about himself is that he makes jokes: he laughs at his own jokes a lot! He’s also admits that he’s pretty good at sports, though he admits it helps that he’s pretty tall. What Peyton wants in a family are parents who are respectful, outdoorsy, active, funny, and understanding. And, what Peyton wants families to know about him, is that he’s smart, a good kid, because he’s respectful and helpful.

Peyton would do best in a family that is caring, loving, resilient and stable. He is an active boy and would do well in a family that would let him explore extracurricular activities. Due to Peyton’s extensive history of trauma, it would be best if the family was trained in trauma-informed care.

Whitley County

Birthday: 3/13/06

Child ID: 9205

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