Creative cartoonist

Peyton (9140C)

Peyton is very creative and loves to spend his time drawing! After he’s done drawing, he likes to make up stories to go along with whatever he’s created; he’s even made his very own cartoon series! He’s a big sports guy and likes to play all sorts of different sports — but he likes baseball the most. Peyton is proud of making his school’s baseball team this year! He even likes to watch baseball and is happy sitting down with his friends watching the Red Sox play whenever they’re on TV.

Peyton would do best in a two-parent home as the only child in the home so he gets plenty of attention and support. He does best in an environment with structure and consistency with rules and expectations that don’t change day to day. He hopes for active parents who like to do things together as a family. He would love to find a family who wants to come to his baseball games to cheer him on. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.


Wells County

Birthday: November 2009

Child ID: 9140C

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