Dreaming big, and born to lead

Payton (9085)
Don’t worry–Payton is here! This natural leader wears her heart on her sleeve: she’s the first to take charge, looks out for others, and will lead friends and family in all sorts of fun games and activities (like going to Dairy Queen!). A real sweetheart, Payton also likes to make sweet gifts for her friends and family.

And, if you’re wondering what she’s thinking, just ask! She’ll tell you, as Payton’s not afraid to express herself. She is very intelligent, and with a little support, is doing well in school. Art is Payton’s favorite subject, and draws well with colored pencils. “Lunch” is her second favorite because she can visit with her friends. In the summer, Payton is the first into the pool. She’s not that into sports, but does enjoy swimming. Someday, Payton would like to take a nice vacation to North Carolina or Hawaii.

The spotlight always shines on Payton, and with some love and support, she can achieve all her big dreams!

Payton would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home, and while she gets along with other children, she should be the youngest child in the home to receive all the attention she deserves. Payton hopes her adoptive family is active in the community, but also spends quality time together (a dog would be a huge plus, too).

She thrives in environments with structure and stability, and needs parents who provide routine and reliability. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: 2/12/08

Child ID: 9085

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