Always has a joke ready

Paul (9079C)

Paul is just so likable! He’s always got a joke ready to get a laugh. His favorite activities are anything done with his friends.

His interests include long boarding, soccer, and football, and he also participates in Future Farmers of America. Paul is in his school’s choir, and has sung in musicals. Paul loves technology, and enjoys playing video games, too. His favorite video games are Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call of Duty. In the future, Paul wants to go to college to study aerospace engineering.

Paul has a strong desire to be independent, and is very social. His friends and family are very important to him. Some of the best things about Paul are he is intelligent, his sense of humor (he has a talent of making other laugh), and he makes friends easily.

When adopted, Paul would like to remain in the school district he currently lives in, as staying in the same school and maintaining his friendships will help him adjust to adoption. He loves dogs, but is just okay with cats. What’s important to Paul is he hopes his family would allow him to play video games and use technology.

Paul needs trauma-informed parents who will provide love and support. He responds best to an authoritative, but supportive, parenting style. Earning age-appropriate privileges helps to motivate him. He wishes to remain in contact with his siblings, and wants a home that will encourage these connections.

Boone County

Birthday: September 2006

Child ID: 9079C

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