Caring and open-minded

Patience (8514)

Funny, outgoing, and caring: that’s how Patience describes herself! This easy-going teenage is nice, likes to laugh, and enjoys spending time with her friends. One thing Patience says she is good at is talking to people, and is always down for a good conversation.

Some things Patience likes to do for fun are read books, listen to music, play games on her phone, and watch television. She adores animals, and some of her favorites are dogs, cats, and horses. Patience is very intelligent, and doing well in school. Patience loves a good meal, whether it’s pizza, ramen, or chicken nuggets, Patience is loves food!

In her free time, Patience listens to music, and if you ask she might sing for you. She also likes to write! It’s no wonder her favorite subject then is English, where she has an A+. Patience is compassionate and affectionate, and with some encouragement will thrive.

Patience would benefit from a two-parent, structured home with firm, but fair and consistent consequences. She would do well with a family that is able to discuss expectations of its members and set goals together.

Patience thrives off structure, which gives her a sense of responsibility. She would grow best in a family that is encouraging and affirming. Patience needs time and space in order to develop trust. She can be guarded with people she doesn’t know well, so a family should provide her with choices when making decisions, to help Patience exercise some healthy autonomy.

Patience would thrive in a household that can provide empathy and emotional support. She is not picky about where she might live, and is open to any type of parent(s) or siblings. 

Jennings County

Birthday: 2/15/05

Child ID: 8514

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