Active boys who love the outdoors

Owen and Leland (9096AB)

Leland is as active as any other boy his age (maybe more!), so be prepared to keep up! He enjoys playing outside with his brother, and can get so excited that it’s hard to settle him down. While he enjoys all sports, Leland likes playing kickball, and also like building with blocks and completing puzzles. Leland makes friends easily and gets along with others. Leland does not like to be alone – the more people around him who he’s comfortable with, the better.

Owen is also an active kid who loves having fun and especially enjoys joking around. For fun, he likes to ride his bike, go swimming, play video games and watch movies. He likes attention (what kid his age doesn’t?), and has found that being a comedian gets people’s attention for sure. He likes to help out around the house and does his own chores without complaining.

Owen and Leland would do best in a two-parent household, with parents who are patient, very attentive, and willing to provide plenty of redirection when needed. These boys need a family that is committed, stable, and can provide the structure and routine Owen and Leland need to thrive. They would do better with older children in the home. Both boys needs parents who can model appropriate behavior and interactions for them, as that’s something they have not grown up with. Interested families should have experience with children with learning disabilities and cognitive delays, and should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Fayette County

Birthday: November 2008, January 2012

Child ID: 9096AB

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