Athletic comedian

Owen (9096A)

Owen loves everything about sports — if the weather’s good, you’re likely to find him shooting hoops, running around the kickball diamond, or crushing it at handball! Since he’s a fan of the outdoors, Owen is always up for a weekend camping trip in the woods — he may even ask if he can do a little fishing! He prefers being active to sitting around…unless you want to play video games. And rest assured, he’s going to give you a real challenge at any hockey or football game! (He’s been practicing!) Owen loves to laugh and joke around, and has found that being a comedian suits him well. 

Owen would do best in a two-parent household, with parents who are patient, attentive, and willing to provide plenty of redirection when needed. He’s pretty active, so he’ll need parents who can keep up with his energy level! He needs a family that is committed and stable, and can provide the structure and routine required for him to be successful. If there are other children in the home, they should be older than Owen and more independent. Owen will need a family that can model appropriate behavior and social interactions as he grows up. Interested families should have experience navigating the educational system, particularly in terms of cognitive delays, and should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Fayette County

Birthday: Nov 2008

Child ID: 9096A

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