Explorer with ambitions to be a veterinarian

Onnalysha (8631)
Onnalysha is a fun, bright, and caring young lady. She enjoys being outside hiking, biking, or swimming. She likes to be out of the house and in the community with her friends. In her down time, Onnalysha loves to play card games! Some of her favorite games are Uno and Trouble. Onnalysha cares deeply for animals, and hopes to become a veterinarian or work for an animal shelter someday. Onnalysha does well in school, where her favorite subjects are history and science. Her favorite qualities about herself are that she is nice and fun to be around! Onnalysha hopes to have a nice family that spends time together and enjoys going for walks, or exploring!

The family that would be best for Onnalysha needs to be loving, stable, and consistent. She would do best with a family that can patiently encourage and guider her. She thrives with encouragement and praise. Onnalysha needs a family who understands how trauma can affect a child.

Monroe County

Birthday: 9/8/03

Child ID: 8631

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