Loves cats and robotics club

Omar "Landon" (9041)

Omar, who prefers to go by “Landon,” is a bright young man with loads of potential! He works hard in school and usually maintains the honor roll. Landon recently joined the robotics club because he loves figuring out how all the pieces go together and how to make them work their absolute best! He’s very friendly and loves making new friends and learning all about them.

Landon is creative and likes to spend time drawing and seeing what his big imagination can come up with! He adores animals and has been able to spend some time around horses lately; he’s fallen in love with them, although nothing may ever top his love for cats! He’d spend all day petting a cat if he could.

Landon would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and hopes for a home with pets (especially cats, of course!). He will thrive with parents who take the time to help him with school and make sure he’s working to his full potential. He needs stability, reliability, and a drug-free home.

Landon will do best in an environment with structure and consistency so he can feel safe and secure each day. Parents who can make him feel taken care of so that he can feel free to be a child are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9041) Miami County

Miami County

Birthday: 6/9/08

Child ID: 9041

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