Athletic "cool jokester"

Oliver (9241A)

Self-described “cool jokester” Oliver is an active, athletic teen who delights in making his friends and family laugh. When they’re happy, he’s happy! Basketball and football are two of his favorite sports, but he’s also a pretty good skater and bowler! 

Oliver’s favorite thing about himself is that he’s good at making friends — after all, who wouldn’t want to be friends with this dancing, rapping guy? A few of Oliver’s other favorite things: Pizza. The color green. Dogs. (A few of Oliver’s not-favorite things? Carrots. Social Studies.) He would love to live in the country with active parents and pets (dogs of course!). One other thing we think is cool about this teen: he collects old pennies! 

Oliver would like a mom and a dad, or just a dad — parents definitely need to be active and up for the challenge of raising an athletic, energetic teenage boy! It would be best if Oliver is the only child in the home, so that he receives plenty of support and attention as he matures into young adulthood. He has a brother with whom he is very close, so adoptive parents should be committed to helping them maintain their sibling bond. 

Oliver will benefit from a stable family where it is clear that he is loved unconditionally. Parents will need to maintain clear and consistent expectations to help Oliver live up to his potential. Families should be educated in trauma-informed care, and should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Monroe County

Birthday: May 2007

Child ID: 9241A

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