A snappy dresser with a love of music

Octavius (8970)

Octavius is a happy kid who loves the outdoors! He’s always active, whether it’s running around outside or playing sports like tennis! When not using some of that energy, he likes to relax inside by playing Pokemon or board games. If he’s got the radio going, you’ll usually find it on a country station – that’s his favorite! Octavius is a musical kid who wants to learn to play a musical instrument someday. One of his big goals in life is to join a band! In fact, if he had three wishes he’d ask for money, a family, and a bunch of musical instruments. He’s doing well in school – currently on the A&B honor roll – and says his favorite class is math, because he loves the logic aspect of it.

Octavius would do well in either a one- or two-parent home. If there are children in the home, he’d prefer them to be older, so he has brothers or sisters he can look up to. He adores animals, so a family with pets would be a plus! Octavius wants a family that does activities together, whether it’s singing songs, playing sports, or taking trips to different places. A family that makes him feel included is ideal. He does best when given consistent routines and a predictable schedule. He needs stability and patience with the transition. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (8970BD) Putnam County

Putnam County

Birthday: 6/8/09

Child ID: 8970

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