Curious with an active imagination

Noah (8759)

Noah is a very intelligent boy with a vivid imagination! He loves to read, and is excelling in school. He is proud of his academic abilities. Noah enjoys Uno and puzzles, and hopes to get a Rubik’s Cube someday! Noah wants visit Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. He’s an inquisitive, loving, and polite boy with tremendous potential!

Noah would do best as an only child, as he wants and needs a good deal of supervision and adult attention. Noah would thrive in a family with set boundaries and clear, consistent consequences. He would do well in a single- or two-parent home. His adoptive family will need to advocate for his educational needs, as Noah is quite gifted. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children.

LaPorte County

Birthday: January 2010

Child ID: 8759

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