Playful and full of laughs

Nick (9518)

Nicholas, who goes by Nick, is super playful and wants to play with everyone he sees! He likes to be goofy and make people laugh; he’ll do anything to make someone smile! He prefers the outdoors to inside, especially if there are cool trees to climb, and really enjoys being able to move around and explore new places. His next big goal: learning to ride a bike! When he is inside, Nick has a Switch he likes to play on – but he’s good at sharing, even with new friends. 

Nick would do best in a two-parent household and would love older brothers or sisters he can look up to. He thrives in a home with structure and routines that don’t change day to day. He likes new plans to be communicated in advance so he can be prepared. His parents will need to be prepared to advocate for his educational needs and any current or future therapies. Nick is very active and needs energetic parents who can keep up and keep him busy. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Grant County

Birthday: Sept. 2014

Child ID: 9518

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