Engineering-minded fan of Hibachi Grill

Navin (8776)

Navin is a social and fun-loving boy with a great sense of humor. He loves eating at Hibachi Grill and playing sports. Navin enjoys a variety of interactive games and creating art. When he grows up, Navin hopes to be a train engineer. The most important thing to Navin is family, and if he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Disney World.

Navin has expressed that he would like two-parent home with a Caucasian mom and dad. He needs a family that can provide structure and set positive examples. Navin would do well with siblings of any age and pets. Potential parents should have an understanding of how trauma affects children. (8776WS) Madison County

Madison County

Birthday: 2/13/04

Child ID: 8776

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