Minecraft enthusiast who built his own suit of armor!

Nathaniel (8829A)

Nathaniel is a creative child who likes to build all kinds of things with his LEGOs. He built a really cool suit of armor out of K’Nex! Most of the time, Nathaniel will play video games on his tablet, particularly Minecraft. He is a Minecraft enthusiast! When he’s outside, he likes to ride his bike or play soccer. Nathaniel’s teacher describes him as a creative child who has a strong imagination. What others like most about Nathaniel is his generosity.

The family that would be best for Nathaniel should provide him a great deal of one-on-one attention. Because of this, it would be best if Nathaniel were an only or youngest child in a family. Nathaniel thrives where he has a routine and clear expectations. It is important that an adoptive family for Nathaniel understands trauma and how it can affect a child. Nathaniel is an easy-going kid who has a good sense of humor, and will thrive in a family who will spend time with him and get to know how great he is! (8829ASG) Marion County

Marion County

Birthday: 8/1/05

Child ID: 8829A

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