Loves country music and card games

Nathanial (8564B)

Although Nathanial can be a bit shy when you first meet him, when he begins to open up, his personality shines! He has a curiosity about life and is quick to ask questions and engage with others. Nathanial enjoys playing card games such as Uno and Go Fish. He enjoys playing with trucks, cars and listening to music – especially country. He likes television and watching Paw Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants. His favorite video game is Mario Kart (he always chooses Mario as his character).

His favorite sports are basketball and football. Nathanial also enjoys other outdoor activities such as going to the park, where he can climb and swing. Those close to Nathanial describe him as an intelligent and funny boy, who is also creative and is caring.

The family that would be best for Nathanial would be patient and committed to his long-term well-being. Potential parents will need to provide strong support; it would be beneficial for Nathanial to join a family that is active and focused on encouraging his growth through education and new activities. Parents will need to provide constant supervision and guidance. It is important that all potential families understand the effects trauma can have on children. (8564BDD) Owen County

Owen County

Birthday: May 2009

Child ID: 8564B

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