Loves country music and card games

Nathanial (8564B)

Nathanial is a young man who loves running around! He’s always doing something active and enjoys riding his bike around the neighborhood with his friends or jumping in a pool spending an afternoon swimming! He’s a big sports fan and he’ll tell you his favorite teams are definitely the Golden State Warriors and the Kansas City Chiefs, he loves their high octane offenses! Nathanial enjoys competing with people and he’ll challenge anyone who’s up for it to a game of Trouble or Monopoly, but watch out, he’s very crafty! He’s got a big set of Legos and he’s proud of all the cool designs he can make.

Nathanial would do best in a two-parent home and while it would be best for him to be the only child, he would be happy with older brothers or sisters he can look up to. He will thrive in a home with consistent rules and expectations that don’t change day to day. He hopes for active parents who like to go out and do activities as a family. His faith is important to him and would like a family that takes time to go to church. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Owen County

Birthday: May 2009

Child ID: 8564B

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