A loyal and loving scholar

Nathan (9232B)

Nathan is a loyal, loving guy who takes care of the people he loves! Once he bonds to someone, they’re important to him forever; he’ll always look out for them. He loves being around people he cares about; whether it’s playing video games together or sitting around the house hanging out, he just wants to be around his favorite people! Nathan crushes every subject he tries and was recently accepted into the 21st Century Scholars program (something he’s very proud to have achieved!). 

Nathan would do best in a two-parent home and he would prefer to have a mom and dad. More specifically, he wants a dad to do activities with and a mom to bond with and talk to when he needs it. He would prefer to be the only child in the home, and will thrive in a calm household with set rules and routines that don’t change. Calm, patient discipline is best for Nathan, as is taking the approach of “talking things over.” Families should understand that Nathan may take a while to warm up and form a connection with them. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

St. Joseph County

Birthday: February 2007

Child ID: 9232B

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