Loves dogs and being helpful

Nathan (8910A)

Nathan is a warm and loving young man who wants an adoptive family that spends quality time together. He has no problem giving you a smile, and is quick to laugh. When the weather is nice, he likes taking his bike out for a spin, but he really likes basketball and football. Nathan hopes to try out for these teams in the future. If the weather is not cooperating for a bike ride, he is happy staying inside playing video games. Nathan is a big animal lover! His current foster family says that he even takes care of their dogs without needing to be asked, and he hopes his adoptive family has a dog that he can look after. He is helpful around the house and puts effort into anything he wants to accomplish.

Nathan needs adoptive parents who understand trauma and its effects on a child’s behavior. There needs to be an expectation that Nathan will be slow adjust to an adoptive family, so parents will need to be patient but attentive, so that Nathan can learn to trust and bond to his adoptive family.

Nathan would do best in a two-parent home so he can receive plenty of attention. He will thrive as an only child, however if there are other children he needs to be the youngest by several years. He would appreciate having his own room in a forever home. Parents who can display appropriate behaviors while offering structure, patience, and love are ideal. He needs a drug free household to feel comfortable.

Delaware County

Birthday: October 2005

Child ID: 8910A

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