Helper who loves animals

Naomi (9590)

Naomi loves to be a helper and is always looking for an opportunity to lend a hand! In school she especially enjoys her math class where she helps tutor other kids who might be having trouble! She really loves babies and if there’s one nearby, she’ll definitely be offering to hold them or help out however she can. She enjoys her crafts and likes to spend time drawing or making homemade slime!

She’s very active and has been playing more and more sports! She excels at basketball and softball and likes getting out to go watch baseball in person. Naomi is always down for some park time where she can hop on the swings or zip around on her scooter with her friends. She’s also excited to swim and wants to jump in every pool she sees!

Naomi would do best in a one or two-parent home and would love a forever family that came with older or younger sisters to play with. She adores animals and hopes for pets she can help take care of all the time. She’s very active and prefers younger parents who can keep up and who like to do things out in the community. She does best with clear boundaries with parents who can provide supervision while allowing her the freedom to be a teenager.

Hamilton County

Birthday: November 2009

Child ID: 9590

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