Lovable and sweet girl with a big heart

Naija (8553A)

This teen likes to be fashionable! Naija, who goes by Nia, has a knack of putting together a great outfit and a cute hairstyle! And Nia likes to go places, making sure she looks great wherever she goes, whether it’s school, gymnastics, or dance.

But Nia also has a big heart! She is thoughtful and considerate, and always on the lookout to help others – so much so that when she is older, Nia wants to be a teacher or a stylist. It’s pretty cool that Nia cares for kids, and wants to help others look their best.

One of the best things about Nia is how sensitive she is to the other foster kids in her home. “I tell them it’s OK to be sad… I feel the same way.”

Her dream is to be adopted by young parents because, as Nia says, that way “I can have a long future with them.”

Nia would do well with parents who are compassionate and encouraging, offer her one-on-one attention, and are open Nia participating in new experiences.

Nia needs a stable, structured family where there is supervision so she can feel safe. Parents will need to be patient, and understand the effects of trauma on a child’s behavior.

Marion County

Birthday: 5/15/07

Child ID: 8553A

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