Lovable and sweet girl with a big heart

Naija (8553A)

Naija is a lovable and sweet girl with a big heart! She is sensitive and creative, and loves attention, as well as being social. Naija has a curiosity about life and all those she meets! She enjoys coloring, reading, music, sports, being active outdoors, and dancing and playing with her sister. Her favorite television shows are “Paw Patrol” and “Sofia the First.” She has also begun to show an interest in cooking. Naija is doing well in school. When she is happy, Naija lights up!

Naija needs a stable, structured, loving, and safe family. Naija would thrive with parents who can provide encouragement and assurance, as well as plenty of attention and supervision. Naija would benefit having active parents that can keep her busy and allow her to experience new ideas, activities, and challenges. Parents will need to be patient and understanding of how trauma can affect children. (8553ASG) Marion County

Marion County

Birthday: 5/15/07

Child ID: 8553A

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