Dreams of being a nurse or teacher

Michelle (9006)

Michelle is a sporty young woman who’s always on the go! She loves sports of all kind and you can often find her out playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, or football. With all that activity it’s not hard to believe that one of her other favorite activities is sleeping! When the mood strikes she’ll take the time to make some arts or crafts or she likes playing games that revolve around cars. Michelle doesn’t mind helping out around the house and is pretty good about doing her own laundry and is even learning her away around the kitchen! She likes helping people so much, in fact, that her big dreams in life are to grow up to become either a teacher or a nurse!

Michelle would do well in either a one-parent female-led home or a two-parent home. With a two-parent home she would prefer to have a mom and a dad. It would be best if she was the only child in the home as she thrives on getting plenty of one-on-one attention. She enjoys animals and would like a forever home that came with pets. Michelle will thrive when given a home that has strict guidelines and boundaries with parents who follow through on what they say. She needs structure and patience to help achieve her full potential in life. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9006DD) Perry County

Perry County

Birthday: 6/22/05

Child ID: 9006

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