Origami master

Michael (9620)

Michael is a terrific artist and excels at many different styles! He’s good at drawing and has started dabbling in painting recently, but he also enjoys writing stories and learning new origami skills! He can make 3D models of war planes and helicopters using just a single piece of paper. He collects hobbies and enjoys spending his time reading up on new things he finds fascinating!

He’s a real animal lover and spends his afternoons volunteering at a local animal shelter where he helps walk the dogs or hangs out with the cats so they get some company! He’s an avid fisherman and has his trusty fishing pole he takes with wherever he can. He loves a day out on the water!

Michael would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home and would prefer at least one female parent. He would love a forever family that came with siblings, but would appreciate if they were around his age or older so they could bond and hang out. He hopes for parents who take an interest in his hobbies and activities. He will thrive with parents who support him in whatever he does.

Allen County

Birthday: January 2008

Child ID: 9620

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