Loves baking desserts, especially apple cobbler

Mia (8686)

Mia describes herself as bubbly, interesting, and intelligent. She likes to do crafts of all sorts, including painting! In school, she runs Cross Country and participates in theater. Mia enjoys reading, dancing, and singing. Her favorite thing about herself is that she is a good cook, so she can bake her favorite desserts, such as apple cobbler. When she is older, she’d like to be a psychiatrist, because she is fascinated by the human mind. Those that know Mia describe her as active, smart, witty, and always on the go!

Mia would do best in a family that can provide a high level of stability, routine, and consistency. Mia does well when she’s kept busy. Mia wants a family where she feels she belongs and is cared for. (8686WS) Hamilton County

Hamilton County

Birthday: 10/8/04

Child ID: 8686

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