Always humming and dancing to her favorite tunes

MeKenzie (8643)

MeKenzie is a talkative, friendly girl! She enjoys humming along, singing, and dancing to her favorite tunes. MeKenzie likes to play on her tablet, with her toys, and read. She likes sensory activities as well. MeKenzie is a bright girl who is happy and active!

MeKenzie would do best in a two-parent home where the parents are flexible in keeping up with MeKenzie’s medical and educational needs. MeKenzie would do well in a family that can provide supervision. Potential parents need to be aware of MeKenzie’s needs in a home, and provide an adequate safety plan. MeKenzie likes structure and routine, and would do well with a family that can maintain these for her.

Elkhart County

Birthday: March 2008

Child ID: 8643

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