Future Broadway star

Max (9200)

Max is a lover of musicals and their favorite is definitely Hamilton! They love Hamilton so much, they like to dress up as characters from the musical and perform the songs! They’ve watched it at least five times and that number is for sure going to keep going up. They’ve performed in the school orchestra before and are hoping to pick that up again soon to keep working on their skills!

They’re a big reader, but it’s hard to pick out a favorite book of all time, there’s so many to choose! They work hard to improve all the time so their grades are always getting better and they’re proud of their many accomplishments. If they could have anything in the world, they’d love to have Disney+ so they could watch Hamilton whenever they wanted!

Max would do well in either a one or two-parent home as the only child so they get plenty of attention. If there are other children, they need to be older and more independent so Max gets plenty of one-on-one time. They will thrive in a home with understanding and open-minded parents who create a stable and predictable home environment. They enjoy getting out into the community for special events and activities and hopes for parents who enjoy the same.

Lawrence County

Birthday: February 2006

Child ID: 9200

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