Wants to be the star of the show

Matthew (9144)

High five! That’s how Matthew says hello–he’s an adorable guy with a great smile. He’s got a big personality, but he’s a softy at heart and is super loving and caring. Being outside or with people he cares about is when Matthew is at his happiest.

For fun, Matthew likes to watch his favorite television shows, SpongeBob SquarePants and Paw Patrol. He likes sensory activities, and if you care to listen, he’ll serenade you with some humming.

But he’s not always content to sit still – he’ll keep you on your toes! Matthew likes to run, jump, and do cartwheels, and once he’s worn out, he likes to wind down and color, play with blocks, or be read to.

Matthew is doing well in school as he learns social skills and how to communicate. He’s learning shapes, words, and how to count. He even knows how to sign “I love you.” With all this attention, one might get exhausted, but not Matthew: He loves to be the star of the show. Whenever someone praises him, Matthew lights up!

Matthew would do well with a two-parent or single parent family where there is support. The family will need to be patient as he slowly adjusts to an adoptive home. He would do best in a home where there is structure and routine, as he thrives with consistency. Parents should be prepared to advocate for any medical, emotional and educational needs that Matthew may need as he gets older. 

Grant County

Birthday: October 2007

Child ID: 9144

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