Loves animals and the great outdoors

Mason (9476)

If he could, Mason would practically live outside! He loves nature and he loves playing and he’d much rather be out exploring than cooped up watching tv. He’s always either riding around on his bike or shooting hoops with his friends, he just prefers moving around! He especially loves animals of any kind! Mason is a big help around the house and puts all that energy to use by taking out the trash or carrying in the heaviest grocery bags. He’s very adventurous and is happiest when he gets to try something new!

Mason would do best in a two-parent home as the only child so he gets plenty of attention. He hopes for parents who are as active and adventurous as he is so they can all go out together as a family. Parents who work to establish communication and make him feel included in discussions are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Switzerland County

Birthday: April 2010

Child ID: 9476

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