A gentleman who loves to sing

Marvell (9093)

Marvell is a sweet and loving boy, with outstanding manners! Everyone who meets him comments on how polite he is. He gets along with his peers, although it may take him a little while to make friends or warm up to people. Marvell loves being outside, and also likes drawing and listening to music (very soothing activities!). If you want to sing a little karaoke, Marvell will be first at the mic!

Marvell is the sweetest kid, and would do well in a family that is patient and understanding of his need for routine, structure, and predictability. It would be beneficial for Marvell to have a strong male role model in the family. He does struggle with his social skills sometimes, but will thrive with parents who are patient, caring, and supportive.

Parents will need to take an active role in helping Marvell learn the skills he needs to be successful in life. Marvell has a close relationship with his brother, and it is important for Marvell to keep contact with him. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Lake County

Birthday: April 2011

Child ID: 9093

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