Big heart, bigger imagination

Malaysia (9267A)

A big heart and a big imagination — two great ways to describe Malaysia! Her creativity shines in everything she does, whether it’s an art project or deciding how she wants to wear her hair and makeup. She’s an active young lady who really enjoys the gymnastics and cheerleading classes she’s taken — and thinks she might like to participate in those type of activities again. Malaysia’s got a lot of energy to channel into activities.

Her favorite subject in school is science, because they get to learn about all sorts of cool insects that live out in the world! Malaysia enjoys school, not just because she loves learning, but because she gets to see all her friends — and this girl is a social butterfly! Friendly and good-natured, she wants to make sure that everyone’s taken care of; there’s no question that her nurturing heart shows in her friendships and interactions with others.

Malaysia would do best in a two-parent home, and would be happy if the family has small dogs as pets (but no cats – she’s allergic!). She responds positively to calm, reassuring parental figures, and especially thrives on positive reinforcement. Parents who can offer Malaysia a range of activities, and who will participate in some with her, are ideal. Malaysia can advocate for herself well, and wants to have some input in the decisions that impact her the most. She has a younger brother with whom she is very close; interested families should be willing to maintain that important relationship. It would be best if Malaysia’s family is well-versed in trauma-informed parenting and willing to come alongside her patiently in her healing journey.

Delaware County

Birthday: May 2011

Child ID: 9267A

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