Loves to tinker

Malachi (9538)

Malachi has a love of all things science and engineering! He loves tinkering with things by taking them apart, figuring out how they work, then putting them back together perfectly! He’s very interested in robotics and would like to find an extracurricular club where he can really get involved. He’s a big fan of science YouTube videos he likes to watch to learn even more. He makes big strides in his grades every year and everyone is proud of his hard work!

He recently participated in his school’s football program and liked all the new friends he made and the camaraderie they shared! This was his first time out and he can’t wait until the next season starts. He is a Marvel superfan and could talk all day about all the different comics and movies, he loves seeing those in the theater!

Malachi would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would love a forever family that has younger children so he can be a great big brother. He takes his education seriously and hopes for parents who will encourage him and support him with whatever he needs. He appreciates communication and parents who explain their decisions and involve him in discussions. He has siblings with whom he will need to stay in contact.

Madison County

Birthday: June 2009

Child ID: 9538

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