Resilient, creative, and motivated

Makayla (9517)

Ask Makayla to describe herself, and she’ll use adjectives like “creative,” “smart,” and “motivated.” We’d add “empathetic” and “natural caregiver” to the list too! Makayla says she’s equal parts girly-girl and athletic: one day she may be at the mall, advising her friends on fashion, and the next you might find her on the basketball court. She’s pretty clear that in her next bedroom, she wants lots of fuzzy blankets and LED lights, so that she can be surrounded by comfort and cool!

Resilient and resourceful, Makayla has her sights set on finishing high school and being independent. She wants to “make it in life,” and  wants the same for her siblings and friends. (There’s that natural caregiver coming through!) 

Makayla would do well in either a single-parent family, or a family with two parents. If there are other children in the home, she would like them to be younger, so that she can serve as a good role model for them. She’s great with animals – especially cats and dogs – and has already picked out names for her new pet, if she gets one. (In case you’re curious, “Buster” and “Milo” top the list.) She’s pretty clear that her only real requirement for an adoptive family is that the “people need to be nice.” City or country – Makayla’s okay with either, but thinks she prefers the city a little more (easier to get to those stylish clothes at the mall!). She will thrive with parents who are supportive and encouraging, and also allow her some independence as she becomes a young adult. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma has on children.

Delaware County

Birthday: Sept. 2006

Child ID: 9517

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