Stylish & "super-fun" teenager

Madison "Angel" (9660)

Comfortable in hoodies, sweats and leggings, the forever-stylish Madison – who prefers to go by Angel – also loves getting to dress up and go out on the town! She loves trying on the latest fashions, doing her makeup just right, and styling her hair. Outgoing and easy to talk to, Angel can often be found hanging out with friends, listening to music or indulging in her favorite pastime of skateboarding.

Described as “super fun” and engaging, Angel can be a strong advocate for what she needs. She’s honest about her feelings and experiences, and appreciates when she is able to find points of connection with others. Like most teens, Angel enjoys being able to have some independence, but also really appreciates when the important people in her life invest the time and energy to build a relationship.

Angel would like an adoptive family that can relate to her and wants to spend time doing some of the activities she enjoys. She will thrive in a home that can offer her a consistent, stable and predictable environment, as this type of structure helps Angel feel safe and secure. Angel appreciates when adults are available and responsive to her needs. Both single-parent and two-parent homes will be considered, as long as at least one of the parents is female. If there are other children in the home, it would be best if they are much younger or much older than Angel. Adoptive parents will need to make a commitment to parenting Angel even when she tests their commitment with difficult behaviors. It is critical that adoptive families be trauma-informed and able to understand Angel’s behaviors through that lens.

Jennings County

Birthday: Oct. 2007

Child ID: 9660

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