Full of curiosity

Logan (8863)

Logan is a pleasant boy who is full of curiosity. He likes to spend time outdoors, and enjoys fishing. Logan likes Batman, Hot Wheels, and swimming. Logan is personable, and will tell you all about his favorite toys and hobbies. Logan is learning to ride a bike. The best thing about Logan is he has an infectious smile and endearing personality!

Logan needs a family that is patient, loving, and supportive. He does best when there is consistent structure and routine. He will benefit being with a family where there is stability and significant one-on-one attention. He will flourish in a family that reinforces the importance of education, and continues to nurture a love for reading and learning. Logan will need to be the only child in the household. It is important that an adoptive family understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. (8863DD) Posey County

Posey County

Birthday: June 2010

Child ID: 8863

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