Wants to know what the world is about

Leland (9096B)

Leland is probably the most curious kid you’re ever going to find! He wants to know how everything works and enjoys taking things apart (and of course he puts them back together)! He’s worked on cars and even helped fix a motor — which is something he’s super proud of. If you’ve got a project he can work on while listening to his rock music to stay hyped up, he’s definitely onboard. Leland enjoys the outdoors and likes to go on long hikes or ride his bike. Not surprisingly, this curious guy loves exploring nature to see what’s new, how things grow and how they change.

Leland would do best in a two-parent household, with parents who are patient, attentive, and able to provide plenty of positive redirection when needed. He needs a family that is committed, stable, and can maintain the structure and routine Leland needs to be successful. If there are other children in the home, they should be older by several years and more independent. Parents should be able to model appropriate behavior and interactions, and encourage Leland to strive to do his best in all things. Families with experience navigating the educational system as relates to cognitive delays are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Fayette County

Birthday: January 2012

Child ID: 9096B

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