Siblings with diverse interests

Leiya, Hayden, & Summer (9179ABC)

Leiya, Hayden, and Summer are an active and enthusiastic bunch! They each have their own interests, but enjoy doing activities together too, and would love to be in a family with other siblings. From drawing new anime characters to bouncing on the trampoline, these siblings are a lot of fun individually and as a group! 

Leiya has a natural artistic ability that comes through in the characters and stories she dreams up. She’s even had some of her art published – an accomplishment she’s very proud of! She has an excellent singing voice and enjoys participating in the school choir. Leiya excels in school and usually makes the honor roll! She takes pride in her appearance and has been learning all sorts of different beauty and makeup tricks so she always looks her best!

Hayden loves to joke around! He has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh. He thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and riding bikes, playing baseball, or any hands-on activities! He’s always up for new adventures and wants to see what the world has to offer. When the weather isn’t cooperating, Hayden is likely to be found playing Minecraft or Fortnite with his many friends. 

Summer is a curious and playful little girl who loves learning new things! One of her recent discoveries is a love of baking – she’s been working to perfect her craft, so don’t be surprised if she offers to whip up some tasty snacks! She is a big fan of card games and she’s happy to teach you all her favorites. Summer has been participating in cheerleading and has really enjoyed it – and she loves getting out on the trampoline at home and practicing all sorts of tricks!

Leiya, Hayden, and Summer would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent household, and would be happy to find a forever home with brothers or sisters. They will thrive with a consistent schedule and clear expectations. Leiya, Hayden, and Summer need to feel supported in their activities and hobbies, and that their parents take pride in the children’s accomplishments. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9179ABC) Starke County

Leiya (8/10/05)

  • She does best when she feels like she can be her own person and explore various interests.
  • Leiya needs parents who are intentional about building a relationship with her as she grows into early adulthood.

Hayden (2/9/08)

  • Hayden will benefit from a strong male role model.
  • He an optimistic kid who would do best in a family that is active and involved in lots of different activities.

Summer (7/2/09)

  • Summer is an outspoken girl who is great at communicating her emotions and ideas.
  • She will do best with parents who have an abundance of patience and structure.

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