Two energetic brothers

Layne and Landyn (9278AB)

Layne and Landyn are young energetic brothers who love adventure and activity! Layne loves the outdoors, and is thrilled when he gets to spend a weekend at a national park, or going fishing or hiking. Taking in all the sights and sounds of nature makes Layne very happy. He’s a big fan of science, and enjoys hands-on STEM activities, like building amazing LEGO structures. He’s also discovered the delight of joke books, and loves telling silly jokes to the people he cares about. Just like nature makes Layne happy, so does making people laugh!

Younger brother Landyn is a cute little guy with a big smile! His favorite toys in the whole world are LEGOs — he’ll spend all day putting together whole buildings, or fashioning LEGO cities of his own big imagination. Landyn’s also a big fan of cars — he can stay busy for hours just zooming them around the house. This guy loves attention and likes when people cuddle up with him and read him fun stories full of adventures!

Layne and Landyn would do best in a two-parent home and would be happy to have brothers and sisters, Layne would particularly like an older brother he can look up to. They will thrive in a home with lots of patience with parents who spend time with them each day. They need a consistent, structured routine. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Posey County

Birthday: Sept. 2008, May 2016

Child ID: 9278AB

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