A budding engineer

Landin (9084A)

Personable and outgoing, making friends is definitely not hard for Landin! He gets along well with his peers, and is eager to make more lasting friendships. This intelligent young man enjoys playing sports, and hopes to play on some community or school teams in the future. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer — Landin enjoys them all, because he gets to get his energy out!

Just like Landin is always on the move, what he really likes are toys that move — especially remote control vehicles like airplanes, cars, even drones! Landin thrives on action – especially action-packed movies and video games. Inventive and creative, Landin enjoys learning how things like motors and engines work. We might just have a budding engineer among us!

Landin would do well in a single-parent or two-parent family, with adults who will allow him to express his unique personality. A family must be patient and understanding so he can feel safe and secure. Landin is eager to have stability and a permanent home, and will do well with parents who put in the effort to build a bond with him. If there are other children in the home, they should be older by a few years. He would especially do well with a strong male role model in the home. It would be best if his parents are computer-savvy and up to date on the latest technologies and devices. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Boone County

Birthday: March 2008

Child ID: 9084A

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