Brave and willing to take risks

Lande'll (8344)

Lande’ll describes himself as a helpful, loving, hopeful, and cool person! He is creative, and likes to invent things out of LEGOs. He also enjoys reading comic books and watching comic book movies. His favorite superhero is Black Panther. He enjoys school because he gets to learn and to interact with people. Lande’ll’s favorite thing about himself is that he’s brave and willing to take risks. When he is older, Lande’ll wants to become a professional football player and a mentor to kids. He wants to teach kids to follow their dreams!

Lande’ll would thrive in a family that provides consistency, structure, and a predictable daily routine. Lande’ll would benefit greatly from parents who can model positive behavior. Lande’ll thrives when given consistent praise and encouragement. Parents will need to advocate for Lande’ll’s needs. He would do best in a home where he is the youngest or only child and can receive plenty of one-on-one attention.

Lande’ll wants adoptive parents who would love to spend time with him. He wants parents who will take time to help him solve problems. Lande’ll wants a mom and dad who will play sports with him and teach him how to cook! Most importantly, Lande’ll wants to write a letter to his adoptive mom on Mother’s Day. (8344SG) Marion County

Marion County

Birthday: 6/8/06

Child ID: 8344

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